Nansemond Pow-Wow Sign

This sign announces the gathering of people for the Nansemond Tribal Pow-Wow which is held north of Suffolk VA each year in Late Summer or Early Fall. Chief Barry "Big Buck" Bass greets all attendees graciously.

I have been going to this Pow-Wow for the since 1997. I have gotten my brother, Lonny R. "Bob" Bass to attend with me since 1999.

The Nansemond Tribal Association's Pow-Wow feels much more like attending a Family Reunion than a Fundraiser. BTW, the Nansemond Tribal Association does not charge an admission fee for attending the Pow-Wow they put on for the people.

Everyone seems to have a good time at these Pow-Wows, and there is a lot of education that takes place during the event.

This page is a work in process and I will be adding a number of photos in the near future.