I have taken many photos over the past few years with several SONY Mavica Digital Cameras. I am finally getting around to putting some of these photos online. Many are of general interest while others will be interesting to just a few folks in my life. A lot of the photos are taken in the Portland OR area as my first experience with a digital camera was using the SONY Mavica 70 of a friend of mine, Russell Shaw. I had a great time with his camera. Finally after about 2 years of occasionally using his camera when in the Portland OR area I had to have one of my own.

I bought a SONY Mavica 73 first just before going to a reunion of 3rd BN 4thMarines, the unit I served as a Machinegunner with in Vietnam in 1966 and my father had served with in Shanghia China from 1930 until 1934, so that I could take pictures to offer to the 3/4 Marines Website, see the photos from the 1998 3/4 Marines Reunion.

I have, also, taken a lot of pictures of art work of a friend of mine which LINKED to my HomePage, see Roland Heath's Art Show for LINKS to these and other photos of his art work.

Most of the LINKS below will bring up a Page which has a discription of and LINKS to a number of individual photos about the same topic.

Any comments about the photos, style, grammar, love notes, and/or etc can be made to me at jtbass@tbass.com.


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