Volume 3, Issue 1

January, 1998

Message From CVG’s New President by Gus Albritton, President of CVG


Editor’s Note by tbass, editor

Editorial Comments by tbass, editor and VPresident of CVG

The Combat Veterans Forum goes to the Internet by tbass, editor and VPresident of CVG

Deadline for the next Combat Group Forum Articles

Message From CVG’s New President

Thanks you for vote of confidence and support for me as President of The Combat Veterans Group. It is a pleasure to serve you and the Group. This has always been a job that I take seriously. I will do my best to follow in the footsteps of those who served before me. Although I have been involved in the Executive Committee of the CVG since its beginning, the vote you gave to me means more than words can say. I would, also, like to thank the many people who came forward and volunteered to help me this year. Especially I would like to thank the members of the Auxiliary as they have gotten much deserved official recognition as an important part of Our Veteran’s lives. I would like to encourage Members of CVG to invite members of their families to become a part of the CVG’s Auxiliary. We need their help to get Better.

The Combat Veterans Group and its Auxiliary have a great challenges ahead for us this year. We are in the middle of creating a PCT (PTSD Clinical Team) for the Carl Vinson VAMC. This struggle began many years ago; however, this will be the year the PCT and many other projects will be achieved. We will strive for every benefit Our Veterans deserve. We will accept nothing less. Our "Request" will become "Demands".

The CVG will receive the recognition and respect it deserves and so will all its Members.We must stay focused on Treatment and Compensation.Fortunately we have Dr. Martineau giving us the top-rated Treatment and the PCT program is beginning to take shape. This year we can concentrate on Compensation.

The Combat Veterans Group will focus on obtaining top-rated representation for every member who has a claim for PTSD, and/or any other claim, for Service Connected Compensation. We will "Demand" a competent claims expert to provide the CVG with someone who knows about VA Claims. We will have an interesting year; with your help, and prayers, we will make it the best year.

Thank You,

Gus Allbritton, President of the CVG


During the Holidays, many of us find ourselves ‘stretching’ our dollars to meet the demands of the season. We often want to buy items we cannot afford. Afterwards, some of us may have difficulty in paying our everyday expenses. This can create stressful periods in our lives too. In fact, money problems has been identified as the most likely cause of marital problems. A group focusing on Personal Finances is being offered monthly to assist with how we prepared budgets, why people experience money problems, and identifying ways to set realistic budgeting goals. Classes are scheduled to begin January 1998 and will be held at Dublin’s Carl Vinson VAMC. All Veterans who attend the classes are eligible to meet for one-on-one sessions to assist with your individual needs and questions.

Classes for January 1998 will be as follows:

Jan. 14th at 1PM in 5B-MHC Grouproom

Jan. 27th at 11:30AM in 5B MHC Grouproom

If you are interested in attending this informative class, please contact Ms. Jayne Young, MSW, at the Dublin VAMC 1-800-595-5229, Ext. 2649, in the Dublin area call 277-2749, Ext. 2649. Refer to the poster on the bulletin board on 15A or contact Ms. Young for upcoming dates.

Jayne Young, MSW

Editor’s Note

We are entering into a new year and there many things that we must decide. One of these is pertinent to this publication.

I would like it if everyone would decide how important this publication is to them. I want to know if this publication worth the time and money it takes to put it out?

Does it communicate information to you that warrants it continuing?

How frequently do you want to see it published/presented?

If it does I, as Editor, want help in getting together information for it. I, also, want you to speak with the Executive Board about what it is you want a newsletter to do?

tbass, Editor of CVF

Editorial Comments

What's going on as we enter a New Year; a year with a lot of hope and promise? A PCT program fully funded by the VA for Dublin's Carl Vinson VAMC and possibly directed by Dr. B.P. Martineau. A PCT program fully staffed by workers who are dedicated Full Time to the program and the care of Veteran's, and their families, with Combat Related-PTSD. A PCT program with its own facility area so that real therapy can go on and Veteran's and their families can gel the Help they so deserve, and need.

Can we accept that we might be winning what we have been fighting for for so long? I Hope So.

Now we must support this program by coming to it. We need to support this program by attending workshops that it will be offering. We need to support this program by bring other Veteran's with Combat Related-PTSD into it.

If we can bring other Veteran's to this program and get them the Help that they need then we will increase the quality of their lives and the quality of the program. Remember that each Veteran that we bring into the program should be encouraged to join the Combat Veteran's Group. This is our challenge. We must prepare to support this program so that we and our fellow Veterans can get Better and Get On. As we get Better, yes, we must be prepared to get on with our lives, and enjoy some of what we have left of a life.

As we participate in the PCT program we can learn why we act the way we do, and how to bring our behavior a little closer to the way "normal" people act. By attending the workshops we will get a chance to learn some of the tools that we need to help us in modifying our behavior so that enjoy more of life becomes a reality.

As we get better at living in this society our families will enjoy living with us more. We might get a chance to know our children and grand children. They might have a chance to know us as a good influence in their life.

Let us take a chance on the future. It Is Ours...

tbass, editor and vice-president of CVG

The Combat Veterans Forum goes to the Internet

The Combat Veterans Forum has been being hosted by the HomePage. I set it up and designed it so that other out in the world of cyberspace would have access to our publication and we would get more exposure. Who knows we could pick up a few member as there are a lot of Veterans out cruis’in the information super highway. Everyday there are Veterans who go to their local library, or use their office or home computer to access the Internet. They are using the computers to communicate via Electronic Mail, Mailing List, News Groups, and WebSites.

There are Mailing List and WebSites that are dedicated to Veterans, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Beruit, Desert Storm, and Bosnia. One can find information about just about any topic on the ‘Net, and the best thing about it is that one doesn’t HAVE to get someone else to do it. With a little effort one can do it for themselves. (Remember PTSD may make us react a bit differently than “normal” people, but it did make us "stupid.")

Vets with PTSD are on the Internet discussing things everyday with other Veterans, families of Veterans, non-Veterans, and others in this country and other countries.on Mailing Lists like the Vietnam FolkLore List, the Guardian, and Vietnam Generation; to name but a few. Yes, and there are a lot of different thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions about a lot of things. Information and the exchange of information is what the Internet is about.

Get down to the Library, or get with a friend and Check It Out, Folks.

tbass, editor and vice-president of the CVG

Deadline for the next Combat Group Forum Articles

The Deadline for the next Combat Group Forum Articles is January 20.

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