The COSMIC MUFFIN Came Upon Me and I Bowed To All...

[foot prints across time]

Patience an Old Chinese Proverb.

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From this Page you will be able to go many places and when I get around to writing words there will be an ecletic tome of stuff here to experience. The things located here are so by the consent of the Cosmic Muffin which knows the ways of sweetening our life. How Sweet It Is!

When seeking a teacher?

What does one look for in a teacher?

When selecting a teacher or guide to enligthenment one must ask themself where are this teachers students today? Are they Free? Have they become enlightened? Did they find what they were looking for through this teacher?

If a teacher has to many students who have been with them for a long time then one must ask trade one set of shackles for another of a different kind?

If followers find enlightenment through a teacher they go on to teach others by example, that is to say by their lives. If they truely learn the lessons they should be able to go forth in to a world of reality and stand on thier own bottom; Free. Devotees, if they have found enlightenment, should be free to lead their own lives. They should be Free to do what they please; and this is the reward that their teachers should desire most. There teachers should want to be Free of followers because followers are a burden and must be cared for. If a teacher does not see themselves as a stepping stonne, only, in the road to enlightment then they consider themselves to important teach their followers how to Free themselves.


The Calvary Episcopal Church in Americus GA has created a Labyrinth for the Community to use. All who can come and peacefully use it are welcome to do so whenever there is osmeone at the church to have the door unlocked.Here I am at the Labyrinth about to start on the path to inner peace.

For Now We Are Only In The Planning Stage SO...

There is plenty enough for us all to be filled.
Once when I was living in the woods I came upon a table in a clearing. I sat and waited. As I sat there the Cosmic Muffin came upon me. As I sat there I noticed that none who came were turned away. Those who had thirst were quenched and those who hungered were filled. All found that their needs were met in the spirit of cooperation.

There Is Much To Learn, But I Will Try Get It Down.
For those of you who have attempted to make HomePages, you will understand that this will be an evolving, "GO! DARWIN", Organ.

If You Start It, It Will Be There!

Yes, this is a slight variation of a much more famous quote, but you can't expect me to be extremely witty for at least a little while. I really hope that people will be patient with me because i can be really slow at times. There are time when I speed up, but most people think that when I have speeded up I'm really "laid back". I'll not tell ya what these same people think when I'm being SLOW, but someone once tried to put a flower in my button hole during a slow period; I stopped them when they started to put makeup on my face.

Past, Present, Future, and Balance...

In trying to understand why I was getting lost in the Past the Comsic Muffin saw me in wandering along a wooded path, and showed me how to live in the Present.

One day I was walking through the woods. I had walked a long way and become exhausted and thirsty. Suddenly I came upon a stream. As I approached the stream I had a vision.

Three men approached a stream to quench their thirst. The first man leaned towards the up stream to get water and fell in when he became off balanced reaching for the water. The second man leaned to down stream to quench his thirst and fell in the stream when he become off balance reaching for the water. The third man kneeled next to the stream, recognized his appreciation for the water, scooped up some water from in front of himself, and quenched his thirst. The first two travelers were overwhelmed and drowned in the stream, but the third, once his thirst was quenched, continued with his journey.

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