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Basses were in Virginia as early as 1619. Many, not all, descendants share the rich Native American heritage of this family. For those of you not familiar with this family, Pocahontas was not the only beautiful Indian maiden. John Basse married Elizabeth, the Christianized daughter of the Chief of the Nansemond Tribe, 14 August 1638. We are proud of the Nansemond heritage and of Chief Barry Bass, Chief of the Nansemond Tribe.

Copy of traveling certificate to prove Native American heritage.

Picture by Lea Dowd

Southern Bass is a Bass family quarterly. It is the aim of this newsletter to assist other members of the Bass family to find correct lineage information. We solicit the submission of unpublished data of genealogical interest from our readers. We encourage everyone to submit their own research and frequently have guest columnists report of their findings. This serves to help others in researching their own lines. Queries are published in the newsletter without a charge. You do not have to subscribe to the newsletter to exchange information.

Within the last three years, we have discussed possible errors and found answers to previous untraced lines. Our search will continue until the answers are found.

We sincerely welcome assistance from any researchers and look forward to hearing from you. We hope to eventually have a page of Bass researchers online. Please join us.

My name is Lea Dowd and I am the editor of this quarterly.

Cousin Lea

My research is dedicated to former Chief Earl Bass. When it is completed it will be published. All proceeds will be donated to The Nansemond Tribe to help establish a history and cultural center for this tribe.

Chief Earl Bass


Picture by Lea Dowd.

Basse's Choice

Home of Captain Nathaniel Basse

Smithfield, Virginia

Now owned and maintained by The Monette's

Picture by Lea Dowd

Basse's Choice

Original Home of Captain Nathaniel Basse

Smithfield, Virginia

Now owned and maintained by The Monette's

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