BASS(BASSE) Family Page

I hope to offer some of the stories and information of the Bass(Basse) family by Links from this Page. Check back by from time to time and see what has been added. I can't assure that it will be a fast accumulation, but I will try to present things in an entertaining and informative style.

Bass(Basse) Family HomePage

For a wealth of information on the Basse/Bass family and the Nansamond Indians of Virginia and North Carolina. It is time to dispell the myths and get right down to "who is who." Lea has done a great job of putting it all together.

Southern Bass

_Southern Bass_ is a Bass(Basse) family newsletter published by Lea Dowd of Columbus GA. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in the Bass(Basse) family subscribe to it. The newsletter comes out quarterly and only cost $20.00 a year. It is well worth the money and Cousin Lea has done the most definitive genealogical research to date on our family. On the Page that Cousin Lea has built there is more information about _Southern Bass_ and pictures of Basse's Choice VA . We hope to provide more pictures in the future, so stay tuned. Stop by and drop us a line or two.