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This Is My Personal VideoCAM

This VideoCAM will be pointed at different places from time to time, but mostly it will be pointing at my back yard. Obviously at night not much can be seen, but during the day you might have the opportunity to see my dogs or myself dash thru it viewing range. During the warm days it might be focused on my parrots, BIG BIRD & DRACOR, while they are sharing a cage in my backyard. I have added a colorful Windmill for your viewing pleasure. Good viewing as this is just a fun thing.

The Shire Marion Glen

The good folk of Marion Glen invite you stop by their Web Page to see what is happening with the shire and its members. I am please to host this until Marion Glen can get a Website of their own.

tbass' PhotoPage
When I travel around the country to see friends, and family I carry my digital camera with me these days. I find that I can relate to digital photography in ways that I couldn't when using film base photography. The LINK above takes you to an active Table of Contents with LINKS to Category Pages, or Chapters, which in turn has LINKS and Information the actual photos of places I've been and things I have done over the past few years. (I regret that I left behind the camera when I went to the 'Ships On Display' during the ROSE FESTIVAL in Portland Oregon a couple of years ago. I can't imagine what I was thinking that day, but I sure wish I had thought to carry it along.)

'Bon Aventure'... I hope you have as much fun reading the tales and seeing photos as I had writing, remembering, and snapping these excerpt from my life.

Roland Heath's Online Art Show
You are invited to view Roland's Art Show by CLICKING on this LINK you will go to a Page that has LINKS to Collections of photos ofsomeof his works. This is in no way a complete collection of his art work, but it is designed to give a potential art supporter, and collector a flavor of his work. Please be patient as the Art Show is well worth the wait.

**The first page of the Art Shows contain a ThumbNail Size Catalogue of the pieces in that show, and the Larger Graphic Views can be viewed by CLICKING on the ThumbNail copies.

For those who are interested in sitting at the Table of the Cosmic Muffin and reading the Ramblings of an Old Fool.

The Fourth Marines
The Fourth Marines are a proud lot from the Original China Marines through to today. Come along and see why.

Portland Oregon Vietnam Veteran's Memorial
In February, 1998 a friend, Russell Shaw, invited me out to Portland Oregon to go to Portland Oregon's Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. This LINKS to the Photographs and my narrative about how it looked to me. (Please for give my spelling errors, and try to see the spirit of the overall piece.)

Andersonville National POW Museum Dedication - April 09, 1998
This is a Link to an Order Form that can be copied and posted, as in U.S. Postal Service, to Wells Communications, Inc. if you are interested in receiving copies of the videos of the Dedication Ceremonies in Andersonville National Park, and/or Echoes of Captivity. There is, also, a Link to a report about the Dedication of the National POW Museum written by tbass.

A-CLUE.COM, which was A Clue...to Internet Business, is a weekly e-zine by Dana Blankenhorn, founding editor of the Interactive Age Daily a former senior editor at NetGuide. He's been following this business for over a decade, since before it existed really, and has gained a reputation as being among the most clued-in journalists around. He reviews the news of the week and tells you who has, and who hasn't, a clue on making money online. Need a clue? Get A Clue.

Bass(Basse) Family (Updated 970607)
The Bass(Basse) family is large and encompasses a wonderful group of characters. This page is all about us; but it does not begin to cover all there is to know about us and our families.

Purvis/Speer Family [Under Construction]
The Purvis and Speer Family is large and as with the Basses it encompasses a wonderful group of characters. This page will add to the information known about the family.

The Combat Veteran's newsletter comes from the Combat Veterans Group which IN THE PAST met at the Carl Vinson VAMC in Dublin GA on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week from 1330hrs. to 1500hrs. There is now a PTSD Program at the VAMC in Dublin and Vets are welcome to come by during the week days at any time to check the program out. Please CLICK on this Link to see some of The Combat Veterans Group's past newsletters.

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